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London Super Trunk Show 2018


We are very happy to once again invite you to the world’s largest open event for classic shoes, the London Super Trunk Show, organized by Shoegazing and The Shoe Snob. In the middle of London on Saturday, April 7 we gather more than 10 brands from all over the world, some interesting partners, and there will be the World Championships in Shoe Shining, and the first World Championships in Shoemaking which will have its award ceremony and competition shoes on display. Below you will find all of the info about the event.

Location:The Music Room, 26 South Molton Lane, Mayfair, London

Date:Saturday April 7 2018

Full schedule for the day:

10.00-11:00Trunk show VIP opening (150 pre-registered visitors, register by

11:00-20:00Trunk show open for the public, FREE OF CHARGE AND NO REGISTRATION NEEDED. Exhibitions with Barbanera, Clematis Ginza,Jsep (Kiten, Kanpekina, Matsumoto, Miyagi Kogyo), J.FitzPatrick, Mario Bemer, Myrqvist, Norman Vilalta, Paolo Scafora, The Sabot (Andrés Sendra, Antonio Meccariello, Joe Works, Yohei Fukuda) and TLB/Skolyx.Also, there will be exhibitions with the event’s main partner Saphir (shoe care), partner Mes Chaussettes Rouges (socks), Exquisite Trimmings (menswear accessories) and shoemaking championships partner Master Shoemakers (book). Also exhibitions with the event’s main partner Saphir (shoe care) and shoemaking partner Master Shoemakers (book). On display are all competition shoes in the World Championships in Shoemaking.

15.00-15.30Final of the World Championships in Shoe Shining in cooperation with Saphir, 1st prize shoes from Loake (qualification for the competition will following week)

17:30-17:50Award ceremony for the World Championships in Shoemaking, in collaboration with Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project and Master Shoemakers. The three podium positions are presented. In the prize pool is6,000 (€6,700 / $8,000), plus being exhibited at Isetan Men’s, Tokyo, and at other places around the world.

19.00Event closes.

The ones making this event possible is our partners. The main partner is the famous shoe care brand Saphir, whose premium range Medaille d’Or by many is seen as the best shoe care products in the world. Partners are the British online store Exquisite Trimmings, who has a wide range of premium accessories for men, and the sock retailerMes Chaussettes Rouges, known for selling some of the finest socks in the world. These three will also exhibit at the event and bring a bunch of their products to sell.


Facebook event page where you’ll get all the latest updates can be found here. We appreciate any help with spreading the word about the event! The hashtag used before, during and after the event in social media is #supertrunk.

From last year’s event, where around 800 visitors came.

The London Super Trunk Show will take place at the same place as last year, a 1,150square meter (3800 square feet) venue in the heart of Mayfair calledThe Music Room. The address is 26 South Molton Lane, close to the Bond Street subway station and Oxford Street. Here in a large room on the second floor we once again gather some of the most interesting shoe brands around today, nearly all of whom are not sold in the UK. Some were part of last year’s event and returns, some are new. As always we strive to get a good mix of types of shoes, price ranges, origin and so on. We who organize it is Jesper Ingevaldsson of the shoe blogShoegazingand Justin FitzPatrick ofThe Shoe Snob blog. Last year’s event was a big success with 800 visitors from all over the world coming to see, try, buy and order shoes (total shoe revenues were around 53 500/€62 000), meet fellow shoe aficionados, see interesting scene events and have a good time in general.The super trunk really became a great meeting place for people from various parts of the industry and for shoe interested customers. It will be open for everyone between 11.00-19.00, but we’ll also have a VIP openingfor 150 pre-registeredalready at 10.00(e-mailsupertrunkvip@gmail.comto reserve a spot for you and your friends).

Looking through swatches. Picture:Milad Abedi

The Music Room is located in the middle of Mayfair, a stone throw away from Oxford Street and the Bond Street tube station.

Here’s a brief summary of all the exhibitors (more info about them will follow in dedicated posts).Barbanerais a charismatic brand based in Milan, Italy, with boldly designed Goodyear welted shoes that cost around 430/€500.Clematis Ginzais the brand of Keitaro Takano, Japanese trained bespoke shoemaker who makes the finest bespoke and MTO shoes, plus has its own RTW range. The host Justin “The Shoe Snob” FitzPatrick exhibit his own brandJ. FitzPatrick Footwear, a mix between bold and classics priced around 340/€390. Florence basedMario Bemeris going from clarity to clarity with his fine RTW/MTO and bespoke offering.Myrqvistis the Swedish webshop Herrstil’s own brand, with a classic range of Goodyear welted shoes for less than 180/€200.

Boots from Barbanera.

Clematis Ginza chukka.

Loafers from J. FitzPatrick.

Two tone balmoral oxford by Mario Bemer.

Adelaide from entry-level brand Myrqvist.

Barcelona basedNorman Vilaltastarted as a bespoke shoemaker but now also offers a progressive range of RTW shoes that cost around 700/€820, plus new top RTW range that is made to the bespoke standard.Paolo Scaforafrom Naples, Italy, makes hand welted premium RTW with a lot of flair and excellent patinas, price is about €1000. The Swedish based webshopThe Sabothas an impressive range of shoes in their stable, aapartfrom their Antonio Meccariello-made Private Label brand, they have Meccariello’s Dux shoes, Yohei Fukuda, Andrés Sendra and Joe Works. We haveSkolyxwho will introduce a brand new brand to the world at the London super trunk, a quite interesting such. Last but not least we are happy to have Jsep, Japanese Shoes Export Platform, part of the event, which brings the four fabulous Japanese brandsMatsumoto,Miyagi Kogyo, Kanpekina and Kiten to the show.

Norman Vilalta derbys.

Lovely brown derby from Paolo Scafora.

The Sabot has a wide range of shoes made by Meccariello.

Matsumoto is one of four brands that Jsep, Japanese Shoes Export Platform, bring to the event.

An early TLB sample.

All brands will bring a lot of shoes to display and to try on and all will take orders, plus that many of them will sell shoes directly at the event. For those who offer bespoke services you can reserve an appointment in advance, or take the plunge and get measured and order on site.

Main partner of the event making this possible is the famous shoe care brandSaphir, whose premium range Medaille d’Orby many is seen as the best shoe care products in the world. They will also exhibit at the event and bring a bunch of their products to sell.

Cans of premium shoe cream from Saphir Medaille d’Or. Picture:Björkmans Skomakeri

Apart from the exhibitions we’ll also have a small stage area where as always some really interesting things will happen. In the afternoon at 15.00 there will be the final of the World Championships in Shoe Shining in collaboration with Saphir, where the winner will receive a pair of shoes fromLoake. Three finalists who has made it through the qualifications that opens in a few days (more info below, and in coming blog post) will receive one Loake 1880 Aldwych mahogany, a can of Saphir Medaille d’Or Pate de Lux and Mirror Gloss, water, brush and polishing cloth and have 20 minutes to polish the shoe as beautiful as possible.

Also, as we have revealed all the details of earlierin this article, we are organising the first World Championships in Shoemaking, in collaboration with the webshopKirby Allison’s Hanger Projectand the book projectMaster Shoemakers.In the prize pool is6,000 (€6,700 / $8,000) and a chance to be showcased for shoe lovers around the world. The 43 black plain cap toe oxford competition shoes will be showcased at the venue, and at 17.00 at the stage area we will present the three podium positions, including the first World Champion.

Last year’s final of the World Championships in Shoe Shining. Picture:Milad Abedi

The event is open to all and is completely free of charge. We have a VIP opening in the morning between 10.00-11.00 with 150 pre-registered visitors(register, it will be stated here when full). The aim is to get visitors spread out a bit, so it’s not totally crowded at 11 when it opens for everyone.

Several hundreds of shoes will be on display during the event, an excellent chance to get to know brands not easily accessible in England, or in many cases Europe.

Please follow the Facebook page for the event herewhere you’ll get all the latest updates, let us know you plan to attend and spread the word. We hope the day will be as successful as last year and that all who comes have a great time. Since it’s a rare occasion to have the possibility to see, try, buy and order shoes from this many brands at the same time, and especially since many of them are quite inaccessible, we hope that once again not only a lot of people from England will come to London this day but also people from other places in the world will travel in for this occasion. Take the chance to have a weekend in this great city topped up with the London Super Trunk Show.

Hope to see many of you in London on Saturday April 7!

Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’ & Jesper of Shoegazing




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