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Leffot has some cool things in the works with one of his brands stocked, Norman Vilalta. Together, they made some exclusive models, found only at Leffot, in NYC, or at their online shop. They are currently available for PreOrder for a Spring release. One only needs to make a 50% deposit to ensure their pair.

What is cool about this is that it is an exclusive collaboration. As a brand myself, I always love when a shop/vendor creates its ‘own’ models not sold by the brand itself or at any other stockist. Much like a unique MTO, when a shop chooses a style unique to its clientele, it helps to display the shoe brand’s creativity and range of products. While these models presented are not as flashy as some Norman’s normal collection, they actually help to show Norman’s more classic and subtle offering that he can also make. Some people might associate commando soles to Norman’s brand or patina suede loafers, but in reality, Norman has some very sleek and practical classics that stand with the rest of the classic, excellent shoes of the higher end industry. And this quarter-brogue and derby models show just that.

Make sure to check out the rest of the offering too. There are some patina suede commando soled loafers that are quite a treat, too!

Pre Order your pair here:

4 thoughts on “Leffot x Norman Vilalta – PreOrder Exclusive”

  1. What a screwy way to do business. Repeatedly Vilalta individually, and also in connection with Leffot offer winter shoes for delivery in the Spring, and Summer shoes for delivery in the Fall. Work it out better guys.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      You are saying that offering PreOrders is a bad way to do business? Or are you just unhappy that they are offering a boot to be delivered in Spring? And vice versa with loafers arriving in Winter?

  2. No one is better at making high-end stylish looking shoes by pre-order, except maybe Justin. Always surprised and impressed with the difference in style and colors, compared to the rest of the black shoe industry. Had SL copy one of their patinas for a cap toe shoe and it was stunning. Norman patinas are so refined and thought out.

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