Leffot – New Products for NYC

Leffot - New Products for NYC
Corthay Brighton loafers

I always look forward to seeing what retailers are stocking in their shops as new pieces and makers they bring on board. Now of course, I never care about the boring black oxford that they will stock, but do more so like seeing the choice daring pieces that I know that they are taking a risk on, like these Brighton loafers by Corthay. I had someone ask me recently, ‘Justin, don’t you ever get afraid of coming out with a bold shoe and not selling it?’ I said ‘No, not really. The fact of the matter is that as a small brand I only order like 20 pairs and I know that one way or another I am going to rid of those 20 pairs.’ So in reality I don’t look at it like a risk at all. Of course I won’t get full retail price on all of them. Some will go into the sale and I will get less a margin on it, but at least I get rid of all of them. And I wish more people thought like that as we would then see more bold shoes. But good thing Steven isn’t afraid of ordering bold!

So please see what’s new at Leffot and enjoy your shopping!


Leffot - New Products for NYC
Edward Green Galway
Leffot - New Products for NYC
Enzo Bonafe button boot
Leffot - New Products for NYC
Norman Vilalta
Leffot - New Products for NYC
Saint Crispins derby

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