Leffot Launches Chicago Shop This A/W
Corthay Arca in Bronze

It is always nice to see good businesses expanding and it appears that one of the pioneers of multi-brand shoe shops of the upper calibre, Leffot, has finally been able to take his (Steven Taffel – owner) initial idea and expand it to another great city in the US: the city of Chicago! And it is well done on him as I feel that Chicago was always one of those places that needed a shop as such (since it is the 3rd biggest city in the US) yet never truly had anything that offered a great selection of European made shoes (outside of your common Italian ones that sell all over the US). Well done on Steven and I hope to make it over for a trunk show one day as I do love that city!

Expect to see the new shop opening at some point in the Autumn. And on another note, Leffot has a few new products that some of you might be interested. Most of you will probably go crazy over the Alden Pre-Sale as shown below, but what I am really loving is this Bronze colored Arca by Corthay as shown above. The coloring is simply magnificent and with my prediction of seeing more Green in 2016, I am pleased to see it in this patina form. Well done Corthay!

And for the more classicists out there, Leffot has picked up this Edward Green loafer that reminds me of the beefroll loafer by Sebago but obviously on a much high quality level.


Leffot Launches Chicago Shop This A/W Leffot Launches Chicago Shop This A/W


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2 thoughts on “Leffot Launches Chicago Shop This A/W”

  1. Randy Federgreen

    Come to Chicago and see the Corthay Collection on Thursday and Friday, December 8 & 9th. I will bring over 30 Corthay samples from Paris, it will be a treat for everyone. We would love to see you! And as a special bonus, Titan Black will be joining the Corthay Trunk Show on Friday, TBlack’s first Chicago Showing of their personalised Rolex’s and AP’s. A Double WOW!

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