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It’s always real interesting (for me) to see the shoes that other people like and therefore buy. Mainly you find that most people tend to stick to black, and possibly venture into the arena of brown. As much as I love a nice brown shoe and even a unique black one, there is nothing better than seeing a shoe in a beautiful blue or green shade. It’s even better when you see it in someone else’s wardrobe as it helps me know that I am not the only lunatic out there scurrying around a big city in bright colored shoes!! This little line-up of Gaziano & Girling (three on right) and Corthay (on far left) represent, for me, an almost perfect display of footwear, with the only lacking being a mid to dark brown full brogue. But I can tell that the owner of these shoes thinks like me, particularly because not only are they G&G but they are also all oxfords (my favorite type of shoe)…..Now just imagined if they all had cap shines on them!! That would be a site!!!

So, I just came back from my factory, and must say that I am very pleased. Production is looking great and I will have all of you know that whilst there, I designed a new last, a chisel toe!! I would upload a picture of it, but for some reason my java is not working and won’t let me download my pics from my phone to computer! How annoying. Anyway, I have some exciting things that I am working on. Not to get you too pumped up, as they won’t be available for awhile, but I am already thinking about new models and new ideas, and will (as always) keep you up to date with all of my progresses!!

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

3 thoughts on “A Lovely Line Up!”

  1. Sounds fantastic – Bestetti inspiration perhaps?

    That’s a great set of shoes up there – love the tan adelaide and the green wholecut.

  2. Alex B – no not Bestetti inspired…while I really like his stuff, I am not sure that it is practical for a RTW line that is sold in England…my chisel toe is a mix between Aubercy, Corthay and Cleverley….

    Anon – Soon enough my friend, soon enough….


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