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In the hopes to maintain a balance between a beautiful suit and immaculate shoes when attending formal events, JM Weston has created their very own Black Tie Collection. Introducing 5 new models (some more formal than others IMHO), they have created what they feel is the perfect offering to accompany the immortal dinner suit. I quite like the fact that they are not all patent, as I do truly feel that this idea of having patent footwear for formal occasions is a cliché’ that needs to end. A well polished calfskin is far more elegant in my opinion. While the last shape might be a bit pointy for some, I personally find that it would highly suit a formal occasion as it’s slim-like and sleek nature correlates my idea of formality. Clunkiness or something too extreme (mega-round toe for example) in my brain, says “I don’t care,” and definitely does not scream elegance, so it’s nice to see something a bit more refreshingly elegant…

 JM Weston oxford JM Weston single monk strap JM Weston whole cut loafer with tassel patent JM Weston whole cut loafer with tassel JM Weston Whole cut oxford patent JM Weston Whole cut oxford JM Weston 3 JM Weston 6 JM Weston oxford1 JM Weston single monk strap 1 JM Weston whole cut loafer with tassel 1

3 thoughts on “JM Weston’s New Black Tie Collection”

  1. I particularly like the first pair of shoes (oxfords), but am unable to identify the exact model on the Weston website. Do you know the model name/number? Thanks…

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