J.M. Weston x Yohei Fukuda – 598 Derby ReInvention

J.M. Weston x Yohei Fukuda - 598 Derby ReInvention

French shoe powerhouse J.M. Weston has recently teamed up with Japanese bespoke shoemaker extraordinaire, Yohei Fukuda to somewhat reinvent Weston’s super classic and Iconic 598 Derby model.

I am not going to lie, I thought the collaboration was a lot cooler than it actually is as I was under the impression that Yohei would be handmaking the J.M.Weston design but the fact of it is that the shoes are simply J.M. Westons shoes but with the hand patina effect that Yohei creates to each pair. So in reality its like you are just getting an added patina and a pair of flat laces.

It is still definitely a lot more beautiful than just the regular version though. I have seen this model a thousand times before and never really thought much of it but seeing it in this pucture above makes me feel a quite a bit more attracted to it. I guess thats the Yohei effect you are paying for right there.

Yohei is taking orders until June 10th. You can do so by emailing him direct at info@yoheifukuda.jp

J.M. Weston x Yohei Fukuda - 598 Derby ReInvention

4 thoughts on “J.M. Weston x Yohei Fukuda – 598 Derby ReInvention”

  1. I really do not like rubber sole…Sometimes, there are some beautiful shoes, and just because of the rubber sole, I would not buy it…It is really a blocker for me…

    1. Steve WIERHAKE

      I would only wear rubber soled shoes like that during the fall and winter, and perhaps early spring, when the weather is cold and wet.

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