Our Summer Sale has officially started. And there is a lot of snuff suede in there for all you suede lovers! Unlike other sales of ours, this time there are actually sample shoes and shoes that were made for other markets that are not available anywhere else. There are not many, but there are a few so for those of you lucky enough to be the size of the sample (and fancy it), you will be proud to know that you could be wearing one of one in the world. That canvas loafer being one of them!

j-fitzpatrick-footwear-2015-studio-side-02 j-fitzpatrick-footwear-2015-studio-side-05 jfitzpatrick-footwear-side-montlake-snuff-suede

In the constant effort to always keep our line fresh with new models/colorways, we are getting rid of some great ones to make way for exciting things coming this A/W. I will say that if you were ever interested in the boot with the Blackwatch Tartan, now is the time to get it as that Tartan will no longer be used in our production as that exact fabric was a vintage cloth that sold out. We will have to find more for the future but it will not be the same. So sad!

j-fitzpatrick-footwear-studio-rainier-shaded-navy-calf-side j-fitzpatrick-footwear-studio-wedgewood-black-calf-black-watch-tartan-side j-fitzpatrick-footwear-studio-tacoma-black-calf-black-suede-side

As always shipping to the UK is free for all shoe purchases. On the sale, shipping costs 20 to all countries in the EU (incl. Norway and Switzerland), Canada and the USA for the purchase of 1 pair. If you purchase 2, then the shipping costs are waived (assuming you select DHL or UPS). Select countries such as Singapore, HK, and Australia are 30 for the purchase of 1 sale shoe, while purchasing 2 would drop it down to 20. We have re-opened shipping to Russia for those of you living there. They will incur the same costs as the countries stated before. Rest of World shipping is as always, 40 for all shoes.

Please also remember that as we are a small company and sale periods tend to be quite busy, so the sending out of the packages becomes delayed by a day or two, thus aiming to ship out no later than 3 days after purchase. And if you add toe taps to your order (which are a product in the accessory section of the site) they will delay shipment by one week.

*** Please note that the sale is limited to online only and will not be available through the shop in London. ***


Happy Shopping!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

j-fitzpatrick-footwear-studio-fremont-ii-bitter-chocolate-suede-side j-fitzpatrick-footwear-studio-greenwood-black-suede-side j-fitzpatrick-footwear-2015-studio-side-07 j-fitzpatrick-footwear-2015-studio-side-01


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