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The J.FitzPatrick Footwear Summer Sale has now begun and there are lots of good things to choose from!
We have broken it down into two categories: 1. Core products discounted at 10% and 2. Seasonal products at 20%The Seasonal products will not be coming back so if you happened to like one of them now is your chance to get it before it is gone. That list includes:

–All Madison Colorways
–Shoreline in Blue Canvas
–Rainier III in Tan Grain/Snuff Suede and the Forest Green Calf/Suede
–Sebastien in Navy Museum/Grey Suede
–Medina in Bitter Chocolate Suede
–Phinney in Grey calf/Navy Tukwila
–Greenwood in Navy Suede
–Westlake in Antique Brown Calf
–All Driving Loafers (which we will not continue with)

We chose to also discount our core products (which doesn’t often happen) as a way to give you a slightly better deal than normal. Also, remember that all The Shoe Snob accessories are still on sale at 15% off.

Happy Shopping and a lovely weekend to all!!

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