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I am not sure about the rest of the world, but the sun is finally starting to show itself here in London and I can’t say that I am mad about it. While the Winter has not been overly cold or snowy or anything like that, it has felt like it has lasted a lifetime and I have been dreaming of the sun coming back and to stop feeling dreadful, health and weather wise. And it has come just in time as we are just getting in our Spring/Summer 2016 stock of which many are loafers.

This year it has come in a split of two batches so this post is to show you the first round of our new stock as well as refresh your memory on the fact that we have switched leather supplier for our antique brown color to now use Museum Calf by Ilcea tannery of Torino, Italy. This is definitely the tamer version of the rounds whereas next week you will see lots of two toned shoes and bright colored loafers. Get Ready!

New Models/Colorways:

The Laurelhurst in Navy Museum Calf on TMG Last — We just thought that this would be fun and a good alternative to our classic loafer previously coming in just black and burgundy.

The Madison in Burgundy Suede on TMG Last — Just one of many new colors, we thought that this would be something fun to offer as it is such a great color!

Medina in Bitter Chocolate Suede on LPB Last — I always love this model and thought that it would be more appreciated in suede, so am giving it a go to test the waters. But it did come up nice in my opinion!


Sebastien in Navy Museum/Mid Grey Suede on LPB Last- Our version of a slick longwing. We have one two tone, as shown, and one coming in museum calf. If you fancy something a bit more on the daring and unique side, this is for you!


Tony II in Black Calf on LPB Last – While we loved our classic Tony on the JKF last, we could not argue with the demand and popularity of the LPB last so had to put it on there and see how it goes. We think you will be happy with the decision.

Wallingford II in Black Calf on MGF Last — Following the Burgundy color, we wanted to offer a new black oxford that provided something different to the rest of what we offer. And the quarter brogue is the perfect alternative to those that don’t want a classic cap toe, nor a full brogue, nor a wholecut.


The Magnolia, Wallingford and Wedgwood now in Dark Brown Museum Calf

j-fitzpatrick-footwear-march-2016-ss-16-hero-296 j-fitzpatrick-footwear-march-2016-ss-16-hero-337 j-fitzpatrick-footwear-march-2016-ss-16-hero-484

I hope that you all like what you see. We are consistently trying to make the shoes better with higher quality making and leather supply. I hope that it shows!

I wish everyone a lovely weekend!

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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