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Dear Readers,

As a new brand that is constantly learning the in’s and out’s of the shoe industry it has occurred the fact that we have leftover stock that we wish to flush out in order to make room for new models and ventures within our brand. As many of these were part of our first collection, they went through the trial and error period that a new brand goes through; helping us understand what was meant for keeping and what was meant for replacing. While many of these were beautiful models that I would love to keep on board, part of the philosophy of J.Fitzpatrick footwear is to be always offering something fresh, something MTO like.

Therefore, we are holding a one-time flush-out sale, of which we are heavily discounting the models shown in the hopes to achieve two things: offer you a one-time incredibly low price on our footwear as well as make room for new future models that you can soon enjoy. This should, however, not set a precedent that holding off on purchasing our shoes in the future will lead to this type of sale, as it will not occur again in this same fashion.

The sizes are quite limited in some models while more accessible in others. So if you are interested in one, best to get on it quick before someone else nabs it up! Some of the models (the minority) have been tried on and are not “fresh” out of the box. But as I said, this is the minority. If you are someone who is finicky with regards to previously tried-on shoes, best to then email me in advance to see if the pair that you are interested has been tried on before.

In the case of a refund or exchange, it is the responsibility of the customer to pay for the shipping that will then be incurred.

For UK customers: If you purchase 2 pairs, shipping is then free, otherwise it is 10. EU shipping is10, US is 35 and the rest of the world is 40.


Allow me to repeat that youDO NOTneed a Paypal account to make a purchase.

Happy shopping my friends!

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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