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We have just started our 2nd markdown for our Winter Sale, marking down prices of up to 40% off full retail, where certain oxfords are as low as 198 (ex VAT 165) and button boots as low as 275 (ex VAT 229.17).

Now is your chance before it’s too late, to pick up many of the models that we intend to get rid of and that won’t be coming back.

Also, as we understand that some people would like to get shoes at the sale price but they are already sold out. In that case, we are happy to pre-sell you that pair at the 1st markdown sale price of 10% and 20%, but NOT the 2nd markdown price. Should you wish to do this, please email Simon at . The conditions will be that they will take 3-4 months to produce from the 1st week of February and will be non-refundable.

Remember we work on a first come first serve so get your shoes before they are gone!

Happy Shopping!

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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