***Please note, J.FitzPatrick is my own brand, hence it is written in 1st person***

***Pictures are only a partial representation of what is available. See the website link in the sentence below or at the bottom of the post to access the sale***



CLICK HERE to access it right away, or read on for more info.

Our sample sales are comprised of:

-Odd stock

-Old inventory

-Improperly made MTO/GMTO styles — these may not have any defects, but were simply made to incorrect specifications

-Factory seconds — pairs with aesthetic blemishes

All of these odds and ends come together to form a sample sale, and they also mean big big savings! All pairs are graded individually to reflect their condition.


For maximum convenience, all sample pairs can be filtered by size: Simply click the relevant sizes on the left of your window (if viewing on a desktop computer) or the “Filter By” button at the top of the collection (if viewing on mobile).


Grade 1 – Zero or very minor aesthetic issues. Pairs which we may not wish to sell at full price, but which we feel confident offering for a Grade 1 discounted price

Grade 2 – Moderate aesthetic issues such as cuts, nicks, stretch marks, etc. None of these blemishes will affect the longevity or integrity of a shoe, but they are visible surface-level defects. Pairs are discounted accordingly

Grade 3 – Severe aesthetic issues such as shoes whose colors don’t match from the left to the right foot due to sun damage. These pairs are severely discounted to reflect their issues

All grades are reflected in a shoe’s title and in its product description. For your convenience, styles that have multiple grade 2 pairs (with different defects between them) are split into completely separate products, to avoid any confusion in matching blemishes to a specific size of shoe.


Multiple factors go into a pair’s price:

-The shoe’s collection: J.FitzPatrick line pairs are priced higher than JF Line pairs

-Shoes vs. boots: Boots are more expensive than shoes within the same collection/grade

-The shoe’s quality: Grade 1 pairs are highest quality and will have correspondingly higher prices than grade 2 or grade 3 pairs

-If a pair was meant as a made-to-order style: MTOs at Grade 1 are priced higher than a “normal” J.FitzPatrick shoe. MTOs with defects (grade 2 or grade 3) are priced as normal J.FitzPatrick shoes of the same grade


We have also included a few remaining and now-discontinued black alderwood shoe trees in our sample sale: Sizes are limited, but we’re letting them go for a mere $40!


You may notice a few pairs in “unfinished crust calf.” This is a “raw” calfskin that is meant for a patina to be applied to it. If you do not wish to apply a patina, note that the unfinished crust calf is susceptible to being scuffed up or stained. To learn more about patina, click here.


There is no restock coming for any of these pairs: Once they’re gone, they are GONE, so don’t wait around if you like a pair — someone else WILL snatch it up while you twiddle your thumbs!


All blemishes on grade 2 or grade 3 pairs are cataloged. We have written descriptions of the blemishes in question on each product page, and have taken photos of those blemishes. The photos you see are of the actual pair you will receive. All sample styles are FINAL SALE.





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