***Sponsored Post, by my brand: J.FitzPatrick Footwear***

You read that right. We are waiving all MTO fees for Cyber Monday, whether you order just one pair or go big and get 10 pairs.

All MTO Fees will be waived through Friday, December 3rd. That means you can order freely at the price of a RTW model. And you have 4 more days to think about what you want and email us to get your order started.

If you have something creative and need to go through the process of discussing it with us no problem at all, providing that email gets to us before Saturday the deal is on. You can find some inspiration below. Note that we have made many models that we never put on the site, so do not hesitate to discuss ideas not shown on our website or social media. We can handle most requests.

If you know what you want and can order it directly off of the site, then, by all means, do so straight away as the prices are already set at their discount.

Please note that due to the level of this discount, all purchases will require upfront payment and MTO’s are not returnable/exchangeable

Email us at mto@jfitzpatrickfootwear.com to get started on your perfect pair!

And for those of you not interested in MTO, we still have our Black Friday discounts ongoing.

See all relevant links below

Shop all MTO’s – https://www.jfitzpatrickfootwear.com/pages/mto-syles-overview

Shop Black Friday J.FitzPatrick RTW Line – https://www.jfitzpatrickfootwear.com/collections/boutique

Shop Black Friday JF RTW Line – https://www.jfitzpatrickfootwear.com/collections/jf-line-boutique


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