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The time has finally come for me to go out into the world and attempt at not only growing my own footwear line, but meet those outside of London that have been so kind in supporting The Shoe Snob blog. That being, I have decided to embark on my first mini-tour of North America, first stopping in Toronto with a much anticipated 2-day trunk show at newly prestigious Leatherfoot, a few days in Chicago (with nothing officially yet planned) and then another trunk show at the legendary Leffot with my good friend Steven Taffel. It is an exciting time and I look very much forward to meeting all of you that I have spoken with over email or that have been quietly following the blog, with yet to make themselves known. I only hope that this trip can serve as the opportunity for those that have wanted to see the shoes in the flesh or at least just come by to have a chat. It is always with pleasure that I meet the people that make it all happen for me, my brand and the blog. And that is you!

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First Stop: Nov. 15th-16th (Friday, 11am-8pm; Saturday, 11am-6pm): Leatherfoot in Toronto

My first stop will take place in the new beautiful shoe shop called Leatherfoot. Not even a year old this shop has already claimed ground as an industry leader in the arena of footwear, stocking some of the world’s nicest and most famous brands of quality footwear. It is with honor and pleasure that I will find myself on a 2 day trunk show here and I am looking very much forward to meeting all of you in Toronto (or surrounding) that have been long supporters of not only The Shoe Snob but also my footwear range. At the show will be a range of my shoes (sample) models as well as a size run of trial fits, in order for all of you to understand not only the quality of my footwear but also the fit of them too. As an added bonus, the shop will be serving refreshments/nibbles to keep the bellies lined and comfortable in case you would like to come and hang about for an hour or two! I look forward to seeing all of you there!

Leatherfoot has already started taking appointments for those of you whom are on a tight schedule, so if you happen to fall into this category and wish to make one yourself, please email to do so. Otherwise, come at your leisure and I will make a point of chatting to everyone!


Second Stop: Nov. 18th (Mon) from 630pm onwards: Trump Tower Rebar (?)

I will also be taking a quick pit stop to one of my favorite cities in the world, Chicago. While I don’t really have anything planned for this trip outside of seeing a few shops, networking a bit and visiting my pal from back home who lives there now, I thought that it might be fun to meet a few of you that are based there. I will have a few samples (but not the trial fits) with me and thought that should anyone be interested, we could all meet somewhere to have a chat, drink and a good time, talking shoes, life or whatever! Only because it popped into my head, I thought Rebar at the Trump Tower might be a good venue but if any of you (collectively) have a better idea, then please let me know. But the date would be the Monday, the 18th at around 6:30pm….Look forward to meeting any of you that wish to stop by!


Last Stop: Nov. 21st (Thursday, 11am – 7pm): Leffot in New York City

Last but certainly not least, is my one day trunk show at none other than the legendary Leffot of NYC, a shop that has paved the way for shoe enthusiasts to find what they have always yearned for: high quality footwear. Having been a friend and fellow shoe colleague for awhile now, Mr. Steven Taffel was kind enough to allow me to come for the day, spending time at this shop whereby I will be displaying a range of samples as well as having a size run of trial fits for those of you that are curious to fit into the J.FitzPatrick shoe range. It shall be a fun yet casual event whereby I will be there all day awaiting you to come by to say hello and once the sun goes down (say 5ish) shall we break open a bit of aperitif for all of those that wish to quench their thirst after a hard day’s work. I very much look forward to this day as not only is NYC my absolute personal favorite city in the whole wide world (shhh, don’t tell London) but also because I know that many of you there have been supporting The Shoe Snob for a long while now and I very much look forward to meeting all of you!

For all of those that won’t be able to make it or might live in other cities not close to the East/Mid-West, fret not, as I will make it a point to do a West Coast/Down South venture as well in the near future!

I very much look forward to this tour, not only to come back home to my beloved country but also to meet all of you that I have yet to meet that have been apart of supporting my blog, shoe range and ultimately, my long journey in the footwear industry!

Have a great week!

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

7 thoughts on “J.FitzPatrick North America Tour”

  1. Excellent – I wish you a successful tour and look forward to meeting you and looking over samples of your line at Leatherfoot. The one pair of suede Chukkas of yours that they had on display was very nice indeed.

  2. yes, that is precisely what I mean, but only in my TMG last..will have sizes US8-US13 with half sizes too, just for trying on to understand your size

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