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In the past I was against sites like Massdrop as I thought that the business model that they use would only cheapen/tarnish the brand image as they slash retail prices like there is no tomorrow. But as I grew up, I realized that I was wrong. The reason being is that all businesses have different business models and theirs is simply the high volume — low profit margin, paid upfront. Mine is completely different but that does not mean we can’t work together on occasion without my brand or business model being affected. What first got me to let my guard down was the fact that it was a private members site. But then I realized that idea was foolish as everyone and their mama seems to know about Massdrop, hence the +3 million strong membership. But then I got over that as well, as I realized two things:

  1. As a small brand, I only serve to get my name out there in the hopes to grow my brand and as big as The Shoe Snob is, Massdrop is much bigger. Many people out there can afford my shoes but might be hesitant to make a purchase online if they can’t try them on, especially if they have to have the looming fear of paying custom’s fees and a possible return charge. So it makes sense for people interested in the brand, †but fearful of getting the size wrong.
  2. Not everyone can afford shoes in my price range, but want to have nice shoes. The beauty of Massdrop is that it allows someone the ability to justify more the idea of spending a bit on shoes that they would otherwise not dream of especially if they feel like they are getting a good deal. There are young men out there getting into the world of smart dress and might not be able to afford $500 but could swallow the idea of $300 as an investment into their wardrobe for their future. I want those people to be able to acquire J.FitzPatrick shoes.

jfitzpatrick-footwear-side-magnolia-antique-brown-vocalou-calf jfitzpatrick-footwear-side-magnolia-black-box-calf jfitzpatrick-footwear-side-magnolia-burgundy-crust-calf

Therefore, Massdrop and my brand, J.FitzPatrick started to work together and are now on our 2nd Drop. We started with the Magnolia model as it is easily our best seller and thought that it would be a good intro into the brand for many people unfamiliar with it and also like I said for the 2 reasons stated above. We had a drop a few months back in just the black and brown colors but decided this time to add burgundy to the mix as it is something that I have made before but no longer offer and some of you may still be interested in that.

The benefit of the Massdrop ‘drop’ is that it gives the opportunity for those of you with either really small or really big sizes to get in on something that you would otherwise pay MTO for. That being, I am accepting any size in widths E (standard) and F (wide, US equivalent EE) from UK5 to UK13, with half sizes included. On my site I only offer UK6E-UK12E (and even UK12 is going away for most models) with no offer ever of UK11.5 within my own range. So there is opportunity to get in on something while it does not come with an extra cost. I think that while Massdrop is a US company and many might think it benefits those clients better, the fact is they charge so little shipping to EU that it is almost as if you are in America anyway.

That being, if you have been waiting for a deal on my shoes, particularly the Magnolia model, now is your chance to take advantage!

(but to go to the link you will have to sign up)

j_fitzpatrick_footwear_hero_may14_webres-447 j_fitzpatrick_footwear_hero_may14_webres-054 j_fitzpatrick_footwear_hero_may14_webres-303


5 thoughts on “J.FitzPatrick ‘Magnolia’ on Massdrop”

  1. Hi Justin,

    Do you have any intention to offer UK size 13 more systematically? I realise there would be risks for you in doing so, given that not many of us need that size. I do understand therefore if your answer is “no”.

    Right now, I tend only to buy C and J. Great shoes and they offer a UK 12.5 / 13. You are more prepared to experiment though, which I think is cool.

    Thanks, Stephen

  2. Hi Justin, I’m eyeing the Magnolia on Massdrop, one thing I am concerned is with the leather sole as I’m used to a rubber sole. Do I need to keep them out of the rain, I live in a climate that gets a good amount of rain in the summer. Will the leather be affected if I happen to step in a puddle now and then? Secondly, are leather soles slippery on certain surfaces? This will be my first addition of a high end shoe to my wardrobe, so I appreciate any advice you have.

  3. Tony, I have a pair of the Magnolia and I live in Florida where it rains every day in the Summer. The Goodyear welted construction makes yhem water proof which is great. That being said they aren’t really shoes you want to wear when it is pouring rain. I am sure Justin will have some more specific advice about general care once they get wet, but I generally take them off when I get home, let them sit for a few hours (dry out) and then put in my shoe trees. Make sure to polish them once a month or so to keep them looking great.

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