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This year we had a lot of stock for our annual in-store sample sale, enough to finally put the leftovers (which we normally don’t have) online for the world to get a chance at purchasing our shoes at bargain prices.

Our sample sale stock is a collection of seconds, actual samples, MTOs and production shoes made with errors (not necessarily a quality issue but a detail made wrong etc), and some old stock.

There are a few things to note however, so please do read the following carefully.

  1. All sales are final
  2. We will not hold shoes for anyone, this is a flash sale and things go quickly so best to act fast
  3. UK sizes are one different to US. So bear this in mind. I.e. UK8 = US9 = 42
  4. The sale will run until March 31st or until we run out of shoes
  5. Read below prices and what constitutes each price band.

We hope that you find something that you like!

Happy Shopping


Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’


125 Flawed significantly (off set medallions, bad dye job on crust leather, blemishes in leather, small cuts in leather etc) and/or very hard to sell product as in case of Lynwood in Oatmeal (nothing wrong with them). The flaws will not be so bad to make the shoe unwearable however.

150 Medium flaws, nothing grave that can’t be sorted out with polish and/or medium difficultly to sell model

175 Shoes: very minimal flaws, if any. Boots: Sub-par leather, i.e. 2nd/3rd grade with small blemishes

200 Shoes: perfect shoe and or incorrect MTO with minimal flaws; Boots: very minimal flaws, if any. And/or hard to sell models

250 Shoes: Perfect MTO shoe made with mistake of detail (i.e. wrong last, leather, sole etc); Boots: insignificant to zero flaws usually fixable with polish. And/or perfect and simply old model to get rid of.

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