J.FitzPatrick 'End of Summer Sale' - 2nd Markdown


J.FitzPatrick Footwear is halfway through it’s End of Summer Sale now but this is where the stock starts going fast. Best to hop on the prices that are shown before your pair is gone, only to return much much later, if at all in the case of some models!

In case you missed it, we received our re-stock and have aton of our core models back in stock!

Shop the Core Stock Sale Now

J.FitzPatrick 'End of Summer Sale' - 2nd Markdown

Pre-Sale Discontinued Models – Shop Now

Lots of pairs going at 40% off to get rid of the last of the stock of these discontinued models.

If your size is not in stock, the discount is 30% to PreOrder this discontinued model

If you don’t order now, these discontinued models will have an MTO charge the next time you want to get one


J.FitzPatrick 'End of Summer Sale' - 2nd Markdown

Wholecut Sneakers – Made in Italy – Shop Now at $136.50/pair

We offer the most comfortable and versatile sneakers on the market! Don’t believe us? Buy one (or three) and see for yourself. You can’t beat prices like this, at $136.50/pair!


J.FitzPatrick 'End of Summer Sale' - 2nd Markdown

A/W Boots PreOrder – Shop Now

Autumn is around the corner. We offer 20% off to grab your pairs early. More often then not it’s best to do this as sometimes we sell out of certain sizes for when the stock arrives and then you have to wait even more


Happy Shopping!



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