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I have always preached that paying upwards of £250-£300 for a driving loafers was crazy and unjust by the company. There is no reason they should cost that much, especially without having a leather sole on them. Since then, it has been my quest to offer something that was as good as can be at the best price that could be. Of course, I had to knock out my main passion first, which were GY welted beauties, but once I got that sorted, my next project was these and they are finally here and ready to be put on all of your feet!

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It was quite nice as the factory that does the hand stitched aprons on my normal shoes also does driving loafers so transitioning to these was quite simple really as it was all put in place nicely. As I have always loved a string loafer I decided to focus most of my efforts on creating those. Also, because I think that their ability to have the two tone feature (which I love, of course!) is much easier and more subtle with a string rather than a strap. I also added a full rubber sole (as shown below) rather than just the studs as I felt that it would not only provide more comfort and structure to the shoe, but also longevity. And for those of you with orthotics, you will be happy to know that they have a removable insole in them.


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Trying to provide as many options as possible, I have started with 7 string loafers and 2 penny strap loafers. The loafers will only come in full sizes. If you happen to fall between sizes you will have to ask yourself how you like your shoes to fit before making the decision. I personally recommending sizing down as suede stretches quickly and many of you will also wear them without socks. But if you like a looser fit, then please size up.

The prices for all of them across the board are £145/pair (ex VAT £120.83). The shipping rates are not like the other shoes however. Shipping to the UK is free still, but EU countries are £20, US/CA is £25, various are £30 and rest of world is £40.


I hope that you all enjoy them and thanks as always for all of your support!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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4 thoughts on “J.FitzPatrick Driving Loafers Now In!!”

  1. We’ll done Justin! I will try to spread the word – I think these are the best line of driving loafers I’ve seen, especially for the money. Very smart idea for the soles. I hope this line is a huge success. I truly believe it could be a game changer for you.

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