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Ivan Crivellaro’s wingtip tassel loafers are one of my favorite loafers in the industry, particularly the way that he always uses multiple materials to make them. It’s hard to say which one of these would be my favorite, but I am really feeling this braided one, not only for the elegance of it but for the very beautiful mahogany shade of brown that it comes in. And you don’t see braided leather shoes so much anymore in the classic shoe industry, but when done carefully and thoughtfully the result can produce a very elegant choice of footwear. But again, I feel that it is just something that brands are afraid to do. We are just going to have to change that aren’t we?! Glad to see that Ivan is not afraid to do so, I am sure that he has had quite a success with this model as it looks like the perfect option for someone who lives in a hot, humid place. And believe it or not, when the leather is braided, it is actually very soft and flexible, which makes it great for the Summer months and for those that like to go sock-less.

And let’s not forget the rest of the beauties in this post, many of which are quite a bit more bold, yet still fun and cool and for those not afraid to be stared at in the streets!


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  1. I would like to buy this shoe(it’s a captoe gray and light gray).I have the picture of this shoe can I text you the picture? My phone # is (858-431-6868) email (

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