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I stumbled across this super cool photo of a Nunn Bush advertising (courtesy of Marc Guyot’s IG Page) and really appreciated not only the super cool shoes but the swift reality that most things (i.e. shoe designs) are really not so new. A lot of times people automatically assume that back in the day, dress shoes were just classic but that is if anything further from the truth that one could be. Intricate shoe design was rampant, as you can see here in this picture. While many of these shoes have a very classic base to them, some of them are pushing the boundaries of design with large vamps, brogueing throughout the vamp and quarters, and adelaide pieces that extend to the heels which by chance is a very common design in the last few years.

What I loved most about shoes from the past is the way they cut the patterns to the last. For example, my favorite shoe in this selection is the one second from the left on the bottom row. And if you look at it carefully, you will see that the facing is extended quite low on the vamp, shortening the vamp and thus extending the length of the midsection and waist of the shoe with a shorter front part so to speak. I love the aesthetic of this and it was a common design on capt toes, and/or oxfords in general. Yet you do not see this as often anymore. I ask myself now, why I have yet to make one. Mental note to self to do so!

If you want to be inspired, start researching shoes from times past. You will be pleasantly surprised by the gold you find!

A great weekend to all


2 thoughts on “It’s All Been Done Before! – Nunn Bush”

  1. I loved the advertisements. I grew up wearing Nunn Bush shoes but I never knew these patterns. I have purchased the style on the bottom, second the left from J. FitzPatrick in NYC. I love also the 4th shoe on the bottom going from left to right.

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