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Cobbler Union Spectator


The sun is finally showing itself more than not so these days and while I love A/W for the layering and use of more fabric/cloth inspired footwear, I can’t help but appreciate seeing the sun. And now that the sun is out, it means that we call start being a bit more bold in our footwear as it is not so frowned upon to be daring when everyone else is half naked anyway. That being, I have always loved a nice spectator as it’s strong contrast (if done well) can create a very pleasing aesthetic. Cobbler Union (US brand, made in Spain) has probably one of the best Spectators on offering in my opinion and at $425 a pop, does not present a bad value at all, especially for a goodyear welted shoe using top French calfskin. For those of you looking to add a bit of spice to your wardrobe with some dashing two toned greatness, look no further than this model here.

Cobbler Union

2 thoughts on “Spectator Season Has Returned – Cobbler Union”

  1. Love the spectators and the fun of summer shoes in general. One thing I am always seeking for summer wearing shoes with shorts, is an appropriate sock (don’t like going sockless) that sits below the ankle, but is still attractive. Saks had some, but they were too low IMO, I like about an inch of sock above the top of the shoe.

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