Orban’s has quite the unique collection going on and even some things I would have never looked twice at in my past, are now appearing more interesting than ever before. A prime example is this bowling-style book featured above in grain leather. I never really liked this style of toe design but probably more than ever before, I feel that it complements the model that it was made on. Had that been in plain calfskin, I know that I would not have liked it. But the fact that it is in grain leather I feel it better suits this design and would make for a solid winter style boot to trudge around in on those harsh winter days full of rainy, sleet, and even snow!


Another model that surprised me is the ‘beef-roll’ penny loafer in the light and dark Olive suede versions. This style, popularized by Gucci, was actually always something I despised. I was never a fan of how thick was that ‘beef roll’ or stuffed-looking apron design. I tend to prefer things on the more sleek side. But maybe I am going through a mid-life crisis as I just bought 4 fair isle sweaters and now like shoe designs I never did before. Aging is a funny thing! Jokes aside, I do not like the leather versions nor the contrast stitch on the dark brown ones but the two versions of olive are pretty darn cool and could easily see myself rocking those with my jeans and a fair isle sweater 😉


Lastly, are the brick-colored sneakers. Personally speaking, I would not wear these but I do appreciate how different they are and the unique colors being used, particularly the ocean sea green one that reminds me of water in the Caribbean. I love the bold colors on top of the fact that it is not your typical derby-style sneaker that every other brand in the world has. It is uniquely different. Some will like it some won’t but at least it is original!

There is a ton more there in their collection but these are what stood out for me!

See the rest of their new model here: https://orbans.fr/fr/98-nouveautes


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