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Norman Vilalta



Live from Barcelona and visiting the shop of Norman Vilalta, I wanted to give you all a sneak peek into the life of his work. I have always felt that we were kind of shoe brothers in the way that we share our history of our time in the shoe industry. Norman, like me, learned his craft in the workshop of Stefano Bemer in 2002-2003. I came 5 years later however and while I went the RTW route, Norman is still grafting away in his workshop in Barcelona, making shoes in the traditional handmade way. What I have always loved about Normanīs work is that you can really see that he has great vision when it comes to design, creating renditions of the classics that have yet to be made before. These two are just the tip of the iceberg and in a week or two, I will show you the entirety of his vision and work…

I wish you all a great weekend!

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”


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