Importation Taxation Changes in the US

Importation Taxation Changes in the US
One year later for those that missed it……..
March, 2016 — For those of you that don’t live in the US nor sell to the US, this post might not interest you but for brands that sell non-luxury goods (i.e. below a certain price) and sell to the US and those of you in the US who love to buy international products, well I have good news for those that have not yet heard.

The US has just passed a law increasing the exemption level of taxation on privately imported goods from $200 to $800. What that means is that when you are buying something that is from another country and has to be sent to the US from abroad, that now so long as the goods equate to a retail value of less than $800 that you will not pay any sales tax on it. And since you don’t ever pay the sales tax of the country that the goods come from it is basically like getting tax free goods, just like in shopping Oregon! It’s like Christmas, everyday!!

And it’s a double whammy when buying from companies that don’t charge shipping to the US (as doesn’t). I just feel bad for all of those in Canada. I hope that their situation improves soon too.

Happy shopping my fellow Americans!

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Importation Taxation Changes in the US Importation Taxation Changes in the US Importation Taxation Changes in the US

4 thoughts on “Importation Taxation Changes in the US”

  1. Justin, I’m perfectly fine with paying the “sales tax” as we canadians have some things subsidized and as a citizen of this great country, would not live anywhere else. It is however, the almost 20% duty we have to pay on top of the sales tax that is the absolute killer on shoes. And for what? protectionism of an industry that truth be told is really non-existent. Would so buy many many more pairs if I was American…

  2. Let’s hope certain retailers that have import taxes included in the price (Skoak for example), now reduce their prices to reflect this. Not holding my breath though.

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