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Idiots 'R' Us

I know that I am the ‘Shoe Snob’ but sometimes I just can’t help myself with other subjects. That being, you might be wondering what this picture represents. To me, it represents just how intelligent a company can be at manipulating people, and how sheep/cattle-like we can be as human beings. For others it might represent a shame to Savile Row, or maybe a clever marketing strategy on the company’s part. All this being, allow me to tell you that this is the line (queue) outside of Abercrombie & Fitch, just across the street from Gieves & Hawkes, that wraps around the corner. I see this and frankly it disgusts me, not only because I hate A&F but also because I, personally, don’t believe that a shop like this should ever be allowed to grace the corner of a street that has been built on tradition, craftsmanship and excellence. Savile Row is a street, that in my opinion, should not look like the high street, should not have 15-20 year old tourists flocking about, blocking entrances to other stores and loitering around as if it was the park. A company that brands itself by selling the image of sex should not be allowed to be so close to other companies that built themselves on the quality of craftsmanship.

While I stood outside for the 20 seconds it took to take this picture, 2 separate people asked me what was going on. I was ashamed to say that it was just another Saturday in front of Abercrombie & Fitch, where people mind-numbingly stand outside for long periods of time, just to enter a shop that sells rubbish stuff.

8 thoughts on “Idiots ‘R’ Us”

  1. The weirdest part about this is that A&F is literally
    despised in the US. Even most teenie boppers don’t like it anymore. I guess the novelty is still very strong in the UK

  2. I agree with you…and more: they should not even be in the malls.
    Does that line really happen every Saturday? wow.

  3. Justin, I couldn’t have agreed more with you. it is so funny that how many times I came to Savile Row and I never knew that this A&F is there!! it so out of place.
    however, do you think having these kids exposed to Savile Row that maybe, just maybe they grow to appreciate the craftsmanship of Savile Row one day??

    I doubt it…

  4. Thanks for proving to me that the address are more important than the reputation of the company on Savile Row.
    For that is exactly what you say in this blog post.

    Savile row is nothing more than a public street in London and just because a company has an address there does not make them superior to a company on another address! I am aware of the fact that “too rich” people do not understand this, but everyone that has to care how they spend their money knows this!

  5. Eric M – I know, it’s been forever since they were popular in the States. It’s not really the people in the UK though, it’s the other European tourists who come here and want to go there since it is the only one in Europe.

    Anon1 – Yup, pretty much every Saturday and even other days too.

    Mohamed – No, i do not think so….many of them may not even know what the significance of Savile Row actually is….they just populate the street and block entrances etc.

    Anon 2 & 3 – I gather that from both of your statements that you misunderstand what I am saying. First and foremost, yes I do shop at H&M. But that has nothing to do with what I am saying. I would never cue up just to get in, nor do I believe that H&M would belong on Savile Row. In no way, do I only advocate expensive things, as I myself am not rich. I do believe in quality though and hate things that fake it.

    Anon2, it really seems that you are putting words in my mouth. Just because you are on a certain street does not make you better, but I do believe that certain stores don’t belong on certain streets. There is a difference. Some of the best stores in the world are boutiques that are off of the beaten path. So, your theory of my saying that an address makes your company what it is, is wrong. I don’t believe this. But I do believe that a street that was built on the passion of craftsmanship should not be populated with stores that don’t give a shit about that, nor have their consumers run around & overpopulate the street just to hang outside of that store.

    And in no way am I saying that people should not be on a certain street, but they should at least respect it. Kids and big tourist groups are constantly sitting on our doorstep, blocking the entrance. That’s a bit annoying and disrespectful, would you not agree?


  6. Well expressed what I thought when I saw the very same situation for the first time – for me it took away some of the glory of that street, although not all of it!

  7. Christian – Yea, it can be a bit off-putting, especially for customers. But the high street is taking over unfortunately. You probably don’t know this, but they are putting an A&F Kids just next door to us, where the Beatles used to live. What a shame….


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