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Ever since doing my ‘How to Polish Your Shoes Properly‘ video, I have had numerous people ask me how to wrap the cloth around my finger the way that I do. I always thought it was quite trivial but apparently not. Saying that, when I first learned it took a couple of examples from the person who taught me before I finally got it. Therefore, I thought it was time that I actually make a video of how to make the perfect polishing cloth and spread to the word so that everyone knows how to do it and doesn’t waste money on buying overprice products that are unnecessary.

I hope that you all enjoy this and stay tuned on more ‘How To’ Videos!

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

1 thought on “How To Create The Perfect Polish Cloth – Video”

  1. Dear Justin,

    Wonderful, simply wonderful! ONLY today I thought
    about it, since it is a huge problem for a beginner, as you say. I even thought
    about, if I ask my wife to help me to understand and try how to do that trick
    with the cloth, when I put some freshly washed T-Shirts on a line, learning
    that one of it was finished for wear and ready for polishing! Because I would
    not buy a T-Shirt just to use it for polishing, but instead up-cycle an old one
    for polishing. Mine are even more soft when worn for a year. But I am not xxl,
    so perhaps, one day I will come to your solution – as often.

    PS: Seeing you do it, it reminded me of the time I had
    to put on bandages at boxing. Also, quite difficult! The photo shows, how I was tought to do it.

    Thank you very much!
    Yours, Giorgio

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