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A shoe is rarely beyond recovery unless you are the type to never use shoes trees, wears his shoes every day and doesn’t think polish is necessary. But for those that simply wear their shoes hard and every now and then find them in a quite a creased state, following these simply steps can help you at least get your shoes into a top form again.

But beware, heating the leather can also have adverse affects if one is careless. So always test the leather first on the inside heel to see how it reacts.

10 thoughts on “How To Restore Your Creased Leather Shoes – Video Tutorial”

  1. Seems like overkill with the heat gun (ouch!!).
    Nothing wrong with creased shoes as long as they’re polished.
    Still, a good educational video if you do want to reduce the creases.

  2. Great advice for effeminate iGents who worry about ‘creases’ (or for reselling samples in your shop as new shoes). Real men don’t even notice.

    1. I can see you comment for nothing more than to attempt to wind me up or anyone else reading for that matter. But it’s not working mate. I will stop responding to you as I just lower myself to your level when I do and that’s not admirable on my part. But feel free to keep posting. The more you do, the more SEO my blog gets and the more that you help build my site. So cheers for that.

      1. Well in your opinion do real men wear dresses? Do they paint their toe nails pink? Probably not. In the same way they don’t get their panties in a bunch over creases in their shoes. You on the other hand sound like a man who does. This is how it all starts, I suggest you start lifting weights, go outside chop some wood and stop shaving your back sack and crack in the shower. Otherwise this could be you in a few years …

          1. I don’t worry per se, I just find it curious how effeminate men have become in the West. The iGentry have absorbed some of this and mixed it up with their love of antiquated fusty old clothes along with the ‘rules’ on dressing (1/2 inch of cuff, no brown in town, tweed on the weekend etc.). It distracts them from the misery of the mundane drudgery in their lives. Very sad.

  3. THANK YOU for sharing this knowledge with us. Ignore the negative comments! (Seriously, now a days you can’t make a video anymore without someone dissing it.) It’s not like you were knocking creased shoes, you were just showing a way to fix it.

    I just dropped a lost of cash on a pair of Italian shoes and you can bet you A** that I’m going to make them last as long as possible. Killer info brotha. Keep keeping.

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