Hiro Yanagimachi's New Models

There is nothing like a new shoe design and the one that is shown on this saddle shoe, by Hiro Yanagimachi, is not like any that I have ever seen before. Being apart of the shoe nerds on the web one frequently comes across the likes of Koji Suzuki, Masaru Okuyama and Yohei Fukada but one does not really hear of Hiro Yanagimachi, not at least in the Western World. But according to some, he is considered the Godfather of Japanese shoemaking as he has been at it for so long and as shown, makes a very clean and elegant shoe. It is evident that his shoes are beautiful and well executed to say the least. Flawless in every sense, these shoes make me excited to see what is next. And boy, that long(ish)wing derby in what looks like cordovan is something to behold…..exquisite!

Hiro Yanagimachi's New Models Hiro Yanagimachi's New Models Hiro Yanagimachi's New Models


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6 thoughts on “Hiro Yanagimachi’s New Models”

  1. Justin, have a look at some of the Marquess (Kawaguchi Shoji) pics on styleforum. The ones I’ve seen are really beautiful shoes on elegant round-toe lasts.

    1. thanks for that JScott, I am familiar with Shoji’s work since he was a maker for G&G. His shoes are works of art

  2. For the Love of Shoes

    I’m sure the shoes are built very well, but do you really feel that the design and look is fashionable? Although the male consumer desires quality, he also desires taste. These look great for an older gentleman, why can’t fashion and quality join together?

    1. no you are right, I don’t feel it is fashionable as I don’t follow fashion. They are elegantly classic and would look brilliant under most suits. I am only 30 and I would wear all of them…

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