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Sperry A/W2016
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When I went to Pitti this time around, I saw a good amount of the classic alpine boot done in all kinds of variations. I even saw some really great ones by one Italian brands but they had never heard of The Shoe Snob (or even what a blog was, in 2016 go figure) and wouldn’t let me take pictures as they are still in the archaic mentality that someone will steal from them. It was a shame as they were really cool. Oh well. But I was quite impressed with these Sperry low boots as I used to wear a lot of Sperry boat shoes back in my day but had never seen something so far from being nautical coming out of their collection.

While these are still about 8 months from being released it was nice to see them. I might even have to pick up one myself. Hope that they end up doing something in blue/navy. That would be great!!

Get ready for loads of Pitti posts in the coming weeks!

Sperry shoes Sperry shoes

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