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The sneaker industry is booming right now. As the rules of style are updated daily by the latest trends, one style that remains constant is the idea of being elegant. Many would argue that sneakers are actually the opposite of ‘elegance’ but, for me, elegance is not necessarily defined by what one wears but how one wears it.

While most dress shoe brands are looking to make a derby style sneaker in leather, that nearly all look exactly the same, Herring Shoes took another direction with their Goodwood model and took inspiration from one of the greatest sneakers of all time: The Classic Reebok. And that is smart too as this foam style sole, for me, is more comfortable than your rubber sole used on many CP style trainers.Naturally, this style offers a more casual look and it is no surprise that a British company went for that influence as British people take great pride in their native Reebok brand. A smart move in my mind as I see this really appealing to the local clientele, as a more dressy option, so to speak. My question is will it appeal as well outside of the UK?

Personally speaking, I love this design and style. I have 5 pairs of Reebok Classics so this smarter version really appeals to me as sometimes I want to look smart but be more comfortable.

The issue is the casual sneakers don’t blend so well with a button-up shirt/jacket combo whereas these clean leather options can be more easily incorporated into a smarter overall outfit.My favorite one is the ‘Tan Calf’ one. Which one is yours?

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3 thoughts on “Herring Shoes – The Goodwood Family”

  1. Sorry, but none of the above look “elegant” in any sense of that term, and pairing them with elegant clothing is not going to change that.

    1. The above are an awesome example to with a pair of jeans or chinos.

      Not everyone wants to or can look elegant all the time. Come back to earth mate.

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