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Some of you may know this shoe, some of you won’t. But it was the shoe that made Brunello Cuccinelli more famous on a worldwide level as upper echelons of society made it their favorite shoe of choice a few years back. It first came around about 4-5 years ago and everyone that had some money owned a pair of these (at least in Europe). They had the pretty pricetag of about 800 if I remember correctly (might have actually been more), which was insane, to say the least (but not surprising). But if you didn’t have the spare 800 lying around, you were not going to grab a pair…..until now.

Stemar, an Italian brand popular in England (virtually unheard of in the US), decided to take it upon themselves to remake this famous slip-on chukka boot sneaker-like style. And only for $289, as seen on the Herring Shoes website. I always actually liked the model. I found it a nice way between a smart and casual shoe, being able to dress nicely but be in casual comfort at the same time. But I never had a spare $1000 to drop on a pair of shoes either. So it’s nice to see that Stemar is offering a version of their own at a way more affordable price and for Herring to be distributing it to the masses with the strong reach as a shoe retailer.

And on top of that, Herring Shoes right now is offering a discount to NHS workers (of the UK) of 40% off with the code NHS2020. Now some of you might be wondering why it’s just to the NHS and I presume that Herring was thinking about rewarding the hospital workers out there selflessly working during this trying time, but imagine that this would apply to anyone actually sacrificing themselves for the greater good so don’t be afraid to give it a go!

***Edit*** They made it so that it only applies if you live in the UK, for as of March 23rd. Tomorrow to be opened up to the US as well (March 24th). For all other hospital workers, please email to get the code to work for your cart



6 thoughts on “Herring Shoes – New Model + 40% off to NHS Workers”

  1. I am a health care worker (physician) in the U.S. Tried to apply the code. It did not apply to my basket, per note. WOuld have been nice, though.

      1. Thank you, Justin. I emailed Chris and hope to sort it out. WIll keep you posted, and thanks for reaching out!

        P.S Super excited that the GMTO single monks were funded, and look forward to receiving those this summer (hopefully COVID will have passed, and we’ll have a reason to celebrate)


        1. Justin FitzPatrick

          My pleasure Ashwin!! Keep me posted. He is 4 hours ahead mind you. And yes cant wait for it all to pass and get back to normal. Stay well my friend

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