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I just recently discovered a new shoemaker, called Haybros (on IG) but whose real name is Hayrapetyan Brothers and hail from Russia. The model that caught my eye was this very cool Kilty Monkstrap brogue, very reminiscent of the Saint Crispins one, but with additional broguing and a much heavier look. I have always adored this design (although I do not yet own one) but what I really liked about their version is actually chunkiness of it as I feel that something so ‘heavy’ in pattern should also be ‘heavy’ in sole thickness as I see this as more of a chino/jean shoe than something that you would actually dress up.

Their site is unfortunately not translatable to English so I cannot tell much about their shoes, construction-wise. But from my eyes only, it would appear that they do just blake stitched shoes but I could very well be wrong there but that is what is shown when you actually get to see a shot of the sole.

I love every time that I discover a new Russian shoemaker as they all have a unique design that is always refreshing to see.


3 thoughts on “Haybros Shoemakers – Kilt Brogue Monkstrap with Pizazz!”

  1. Juan Manuel Ballesteros Allué

    Nice new guys indeed. Not expensive shoes (hmmm.. here is where we might talk about construction…) but nice anyhow.
    Thanks for the information!

  2. No surprise here. In the former Soviet Union, Armenians which is who Haybros are, were considered master craftsmen very good with their hands, and especiallly good shoemakers.

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