For me, Hephaestus shoemaker (Vietnam) is one of the most exciting shoemakers of today. Again, it is one of those stories where I have been watching him for a few years now (first on FB and now doing more and more on IG) and really seeing how his skills have progressed.

What first attracted me to his work was his design work. Since day one, he has definitely been attempting models/design quirks that no one else was really doing. And even though his first shoes were rough around the edges in terms of making, it is evident that he has honed his skills and what he is pumping out today is extremely well made, well executed, and all around great pieces of footwear.

My favorite of his designs is his new handstitched adelaide that he offers with custom coloring to really enhance the pattern depending on where you put the burnishing. I think that this is the perfect blend of classic design paired with modern ideas, offering something that can stand the test of time in terms of style while also giving you a unique piece to what the majority will be wearing. And I can only imagine that most will feel the same as you cannot knock this model at all. The pattern is flawless. The last shape is elegant. The heel to forefoot ratio is just right. And the coloring capabilities of Hephaestus is on point.

See more and/or order your pair at his IG account: Hephaestus IG

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