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Spanish shoemaker, Enrile, does a great version of the hand-stitched apron. Enrile’s style of making is more towards that of the Austro-Hungarian style of proper robustly made shoes and while not personally being my favorite shoemaking style, I think that it really lays well with this type of model. Here you can see a few versions that he has done with both machine-stitch upper sewing as well as hand-stitched upper sewing. It’s not often you see a hand-stitched quarter line. That takes a lot of time and patience to do all of the pieces to the pattern (excluding the top line of course — that would just be too much). Completely handwelted and hand-sewn soles, Enrile’s Cordovan derbys start at €810. Then depending on how much of the upper you want sewn by hand, the price can go up. Not bad though for Cordovan and pretty much completely hand made shoes?!!!

Enrile shoes Enrile shoes Enrile shoes Enrile shoes Enrile shoes

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