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I really like the color green but sometimes find it so difficult to pair with other colors. For me, it’s usually just a matter of putting blue with it, but what else does it go with? It’s one of the reasons that I don’t often wear this suit, partly because it is a really really light powder green, partly because it’s mohair and therefore is easily ruined if not extremely careful. Nevertheless, I frequently get bored of not wearing green and then go a bit overboard in putting a lot of it into my attire, as I have in this outfit, although I quite like how it all turned out…..a bit more green equals a bit more fun….a bit more fun equals not having a somber attitude and you can’t beat that!! But I think that I now need to graduate into a nice olive green moleskin suit, that’s one that you can have so me fun with…..and of course, more green shoes!!!
Shoes: G&G Rothschild upper, made bespoke (by me) on my last
Suit: Vintage bespoke Chitteborough & Morgan, re-altered for me
Shirt: Hawes & Curtis
Tie: Gieves & Hawkes

7 thoughts on “Green Suit, Green Shoes – I Might As Well Be A Martian!”

  1. I find patch pockets a bit casual for a suit, especially one so fitted (too tight, you fashion victim, you!). But I can see why you picked it up and had it re-made – quality vintage wear.

    Nice to see you in a better quality shirt too.

    But most of all, why not green? Of all your shoes that you’ve shared with us on your blog, these are actually some that I’ve admired most. I see no reason why green can’t be a lovely accompaniment to a grey suit, especially on a quality hand-made classic full brogue. I love what you’ve done with the patina, and all in all I think this is a very pleasing combination.

    Go green!

  2. I enjoy the shoes you post and the stories behind them.
    Constructive criticism: do yourself a favour and get a real camera and a tri-pod. I can never get an idea of your fits because the angle is always off and the shot always out of focus. The shoes in the second shot are ostensibly the centerpiece of your outfit (and are your profession), yet that photo is the blurriest of all three photos.
    Best of luck and a good day to you sir.

  3. I Love Green;as well…….I Like the Combination of Deep Greens with Deep Purples,I find it Interestingly Eccentric…….the best of luck to you Justin…

  4. Hi Justin

    I’ve noticed your rising obsession about color and the pairing of them. Just like the construction of a shoe has got some basic rules the pairing of colors has to. The first rule before putting colors together to make something look good is to have some basic understanding of the color wheel.

    Here is a great 3pice article:

    Just to scrach the surface of it: a triad always works if it is balanced in the color wheel: Green, purple and orange, they are all secondary colors. Blue, red and yellow balance each other because they are all primary colors. Black, gray & white are buddies with every color because they don’t count as colors. In clothing its sadly not so simple, because culture and expectations need to be wrestling in the equation to.

    Best regards Marcus. L.

  5. Hi Justin,
    I like this outfit! But, in your shoes, I would have opted for a navy tie and yes … dark brown socks. Honestly, aside black trousers and black socks for evening wear matching socks color to trousers’ has never made sense to me despite the great deal of pieces written so far advising it!

    By the way, would it make sense for The Shoe Snob to launch a kind of ranking of benchmade shoes? For instance, the 10 best oxfords of the year, or the 15 best half brogues of the year, etc. It could add a bit fun to your site while being very helpful to all of us!

  6. Alex B – Yea, in all honesty the jacket is a bit tight, but I don’t think that I can let it out any more than I already have….and this suit is actually not gray, it’s green, just a very light pastel like green that is hard to notice….but I don’t mind wearing these green shoes, not at all, I love ’em!

    Anon – Thanks for the advice, believe me that you are not the first to tell me, but I simply don’t have the funds to get a nice camera nor the patience to be lugging around tri-pod, especially just for this post that I do once a week. This is for fun, my blog is not centered around the idea of what i am wearing which is why I don’t put so much effort into this post, it’s just to show a bit about what I wear and possibly give inspiration to others….but yes, as I grow in my other endeavors and therefore make more money, I might start investing a bit more into my blog, like cameras, assistants etc… Thanks for sharing.

    Gentleman90 – Thank you sir.

    Marcus L. – Thanks for sharing and for commenting! I appreciate the link.

    Andrey – I was just thinking that myself!! Next time it will be brown shoes indeed…

    John – my socks are not actually matching my trousers…the trousers being pastel green and the socks being powder blue….just the fault of using a camera phone to take my pics…but thanks for your suggestions nonetheless…maybe I will try dark brown socks next time!

    As far as that post goes, I just might do that. It sounds like a good idea!


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