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The thing about green is that when you are able to create the perfect shade of it (think a mix between emerald and forest), it can become one of the most stunning colors there is. While I won’t say that the color that I created on these bespoke brogues is perfect, I will say that it is lovely shade that I happen to find extremely versatile. Not only does it pair well with this light gray POW, but I also enjoy mixing it with my navy three piece. And the best thing is that while this green might have been a bit bright for some people, I feel that because of all the brogueing, it tones it down a bit and separates all of that green. Then again, it does so because I blacked out each hole with a permanent marker….Anyway, back to the subject: green brogues = cool, but what’s even better is the idea of creating an entire range of brogues in every color that would be appropriate for smart, casual wear. In particular, a full blue brogue…now that sounds appealing!

Shoes: Bespoke, made by me (with Gaziano & Girling “Rothschild” upper)
Suit: Readjusted bespoke by Chittleborough & Morgan
Shirt: Primark
Tie: Tie Rack

9 thoughts on “The Green Machine”

  1. Hi Justin,
    Yes, these shoes are indeed very hansome! Now, I’m not at all sure whether the kind of outfit you have chosen were the right one. I think they would work better within a smart casual wear, and as to occasions, pubs and night clubs.

  2. AFJ – No….don’t own green belts or suspenders….probably wouldn’t get a green belt, that’s just too much for me…green suspenders yes, I would wear…but don’t own them

    Dave – as much as I admire pocket squares on others, I never find myself wearing them for some reason….

    Trapo – fair enough, you make a good point. Thanks for sharing

    Claymoore – Thank you sir!

    Hugo – Cheers Hugo!!

    John – Glad that you like the shoes, but I would have to say that I would never wear these to the pub, particularly not here in London as it would be a recipe for disaster is someone spilled or stepped on them….


  3. I recently picked up a pair of museum green Lobbs (along with 4 other pairs) from ebay. Can’t kick that habit. They are great but very dark green, the green comes out in the sunlight outdoors but they almost look black indoors. Wish I could lighten them up a bit but i guess that’s impossible. I’ll send you photos.

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