Good Light + Beautiful Shine = Great Photography

Good Light + Beautiful Shine = Great Photography
Image courtesy of Gotham Red

I have said it before and I will most likely say it again but good light, a fun backdrop and a good shine equals a beautiful representation of any shoe, particularly the nice ones. This picture, shot by one of the employees at The Armoury NYC, of the double monk Saint Crispins cap boot is one of the nicest that I have seen in awhile. What I really like about it (apart from the lovely cap shine) is that the shoes are sitting on what looks like a water main pipe. Backgrounds like that always make the shoes look more real in my opinion, which overall makes the picture a lot stronger. White background packshot photography for me is quite boring (necessary, but boring). The thing is that a shoe’s essence is already hard enough to capture in photography so using whatever real life backdrop you can only enhances your chance of catching those lovely lines and shape and texture. Well done for this one chaps!

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  1. Very nice — I think I like those better than any double monk shoe that I’ve seen. The shine is indeed excellent, as was also the case on those Riccardo Bestetti shoes you showed a few days ago.

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