Gaziano & Girling will be hosting their first ever trunk show in Singapore, one week from today (Feb.1st) , in association with Kevin Seah Bespoke. The show will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel and will go until the 2nd of February. At the trunk show, Gaziano & Girling will be showcasing the release of their new formal/evening collection (shown below). The new models will currently be available on a Made-To-Order or Bespoke basis only. While this is quite tentative, there is plans to have some of them hit the stores later this year (as a RTW offering), as well as on G&G’s webstore. For all of you that live in Singapore and have been dying to get your hands on a pair of bespoke beauties, but have not had the chance to get to London, well here you are my friends!! If you are interested in making an appointment, you will need to RSVP with Mr. Kevin Seah. To do so, please go to his Facebook Event Page.

Apart of this new offering is G&G’s take on the ever-so-lovely Belgian loafer. Being completely hand-lasted (with cement construction), their Belgian is made in a buckskin (rather than suede) as it provides a bit more soft and luxurious feel. One thing to note as well, is the fact that they are making this entirely in-house, as opposed to the common trend of outsourcing it to Italy….

On a separate note, I noticed this pair of double monks the other week on G&G’s tumblr and I nearly fainted. I mean, WOW. Talk about lovely detailing, elegant shapes and just overall bad-ass-ness!! This monk is amazing and I give praises to the gentleman that commissioned it. Well done sir!!

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