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Gaziano & Girling never stop ceasing to impress with this new jodhpur boot model that they have launched a few weeks back.

Unlike most jodhpur boots that share a very similar pattern, G&G really thought hard about making this one a step and above. First and foremost, you almost never see the seam go all the way to the joint of the foot. Lobb had one that went 3/4 of the arch placement but G&G too the line to a whole new level by extending it all the way to the outer joint and thus drastically changing the look of the jodhpur pattern.

Secondly, and what is most intriguing is the adjustable strap design that you can re-work several different ways and thus to your ultimate liking. That’s impressive and not often seen. And for those that like to get real bold, I am sure that requests made for purchasing extra straps in other colors and materials can be easily done.

Always good to see Tony Gaziano putting that creative mind at work and coming up with stuff you have never seen before. Well done for this one G&G !


gaziano-girling-catalgue-march-2017-london-cropped-high-res-01 gaziano-girling-catalgue-march-2017-london-cropped-high-res-02 gaziano-girling-catalgue-march-2017-london-cropped-high-res-03 gaziano-girling-catalgue-march-2017-london-cropped-high-res-04 gaziano-girling-catalgue-march-2017-london-cropped-high-res-05


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