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It’s and of an era for many Gaziano & Girling classic models. G&G is going through their end of line Summer Sale and offering some models that I remember since day one, like the Wigmore and Hayes in the Rioja calf.

But such is the life of a shoe line. A good model will give you years of sales and then one day you realize you have had it too long and need to refresh it with something else to excite the consumers. I have seen many customers with these models so imagine that the colorways have served their purpose. I will be curious to see what new colorways G&G manage to come up with for these. I would love to see the Hayes (above) with a different texture on the facing, like a calf/suede combo. Same for the Wigmore.

For those of you that never managed to grab a pair, now is a good chance, being that they are discounted at 25% off. G&G shoes are not often on sale and when they do, I know it helps the wallets as their beautifully made shoes are not the easiest to afford or the majority of the world.

To visit the sale, click HERE

The sale ends September 2nd so act fast!

Happy Shopping!

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