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I have always loved a double monk that was fully brogued. It adds a unique look to the now so common cap toe version that you see almost as prevalent as oxfords. Even better would be a suede version. I think I would give a lot of use to that. It just seems so versatile

This version, by Chinese shoemaker Gordon Jimjun (IG), is perfectly balanced. Edward Green has a similar model but I always felt something was off about it, hence never writing about it. But this one hits the nail on the head. And then it makes you think, ‘why do you not see certain things in the industry that one would think would sell well?’. Like Black Suede. People love black calf. But Black suede is very rare. Same for this model. Full brogues are common. Double Monks are very common. But full brogue double monks? Hardly seen.

These things always make me curious. Nonetheless, this is a beautiful shoe, one that is actually lacking from my wardrobe. Maybe I should make myself a black suede full brogue double monk with gold buckles! That might be the most unique shoe of 2020!!