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Russian shoemaker Atelier Zakarian is creating some very unique designs. His entry to last years World Championship of Bespoke Shoemaking was one of the more impressive shoes among the sort. And now discovering this chukka, and seeing that he is pushing himself to be better, now I am really looking forward to seeing what he sends in this year.

This is easily one of the most elegant and coolest chukka style boots I have ever seen. Not only is it a chukka boot but also a monkstrap at the same time. The lines on it are sharp and soft at the same, with fluid curves that allow for elegance while also being somewhat provoking at the same time.

The pattern is flawless. Very unique and thought provoking. You can see that a lot of thought and creativity went into it. No detail went overlooked. And it shows. The last shape is perfect too. It looks like the perfect blend between a round chisel toe. The perfect oxymoron. And unheard of. Yet extremely beautiful. I am simply amazed to be honest. I love to see stuff like this.

I only have one critique and that is that the heel is too small. That type of heel belongs on a blake stitched shoe or maybe a loafer but in ny opinion a chukka boot should have a slightly higher heel. Other than that, this is shoemaking at its finest!

Atelier Zakarian – Website

Atelier Zakarian – Instagram