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Bespoke Shoemaker, Francis Waplinger, out of Brooklyn, NYC has once again come out with something that is truly unique and quite intriguing. And that is a pair of what I can only describe as reinvented Victorian boots. They have all of the features a boot would need to appear having originated from that era, where the boots were higher, the shaft far skinnier (actually hugging your calf), and with smaller vamps. But clearly, the design is uniquely his and with yet another unique piece, Francis starts to build a look of his own. And I am sure that with more samples and new models made, that look and defined idea will strengthen.

I would be curious to see this in multiple materials used, such as a leather/suede combo or even a nice leather/tweed combo. Let’s see if the owner enjoys them so much that a 2nd comes shortly after. For now, let us appreciate the idea that Francis is out here really reimaging shoe designs and giving us unique pieces to behold. I always look forward to the next one. Well done Francis!

Learn more about the American Bespoke Shoemaker here:


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