Enzo Bonafe Spat Boots at Skoaktiebolaget

Enzo Bonafe Spat Boots at Skoaktiebolaget

The spat boot definitely has to be the coolest model of all time, at least in my humble opinion. There is nothing really like it (even a balmoral boot does not scratch the surface) and for that reason, it commands such an attraction for me. But the downside of the model itself is not only how hard it is to make the pattern (and do it right) but also the difficulty of actually fastening the buttons (from what I hear having no personal experience). That downfall remaining however would never stop me from getting a pair, as the beauty of them is worth the suffering!

That being, due to these two things and the fact that we no longer live in the Victorian/Edwardian era (when these were common), you rarely find these being offered on a RTW basis. For me this is a shame, but I understand why looking at it from a business perspective. Nevertheless, for those that are always looking for one but can’t seem to find it, fret not as Skoaktiebolaget has just re-released their offering by Enzo Bonafe and is available to purchase on their site for 5200 SEK (ex VAT = 485, €585, $794). Happy Shopping!

Enzo Bonafe Spat Boots at Skoaktiebolaget

Enzo Bonafe Spat Boots at Skoaktiebolaget

Enzo Bonafe Spat Boots at Skoaktiebolaget

4 thoughts on “Enzo Bonafe Spat Boots at Skoaktiebolaget”

  1. Well, nothing really like it? How about proper boots, with real spats? I keep seeing these pictures of ‘spat boots’, and I keep finding myself thinking that this is just some ersatz product, however beatiful some of them might be.

    Just get a pair of proper boots, and get a pair of proper spats, and be done with it.

    1. i have both of those, but to be honest, i find these much nicer…the proper spats end up making your foot area really bulky….

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