Saint Crispins

I always admire when I see a shoemaker create a pattern that is classic yet definitely twisted (in a good way!). And what most people may not appreciate is the fact that it is really hard to do. Interesting ideas in your head don’t always look great in the flesh or sometimes can’t be executed properly due to the rules of pattern making or the complexities of lasting and fitting that leather over the last. So when you do see something, like Saint Crispins version of a U-cap here, that actually succeeds to be different yet still look good and wearable, for me, it is quite an achievement. So well done to SC and boy is that burgundy shade just about as nice as it gets. That is the beauty of hand coloring. The shade can be anything you make it!

On another note, I am off to Milan tomorrow to attend the Lineapelle leather show in the hopes to find some new leather to source for my footwear brand. I am always wanting to try new things and of course find the best that I can without raising the prices astronomically. So wish me luck! While in Milan, I will also be visiting a few shoemakers out there, some of which I am sure that you will be eager to see their stuff, as well as visiting a leather tannery. I am not sure how they feel about pictures at the tannery but I will do my best to get it done, and be what I think is among the first bloggers to do so! Hopefully I can show you how it all goes down!

The downfall is that while away, I won’t really be able to keep up the blog but will try and keep up my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

I wish you all a great week!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

3 thoughts on “Designs Done Differently”

  1. Justin, I have been reading your blog for the last year. It is very good and you write quite well. I have learned so much reading the blog, please continue writing with such passion.

    I have 2 questions for you please.

    1. I wanted to know if you have heard of ( I believe they are a Berlin based company who make goodyear welted shoes and are priced around 200 Euro or so.) Any opinions on this would be helpful, also if you can recommend the best brand in this price range. I want to buy a plain derby and a full brogue oxford.

    2. I will be in the Genoa/Milan area at the end of this month to visit an aunt and was wondering if there are any shoemakers there I could visit? I plan to buy a few suits while there and would like to also see about shoes.

    Thank you.

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