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There are not many things more attractive than a nice burgundy leather and this shade might be the best that I have yet to come by. It’s vibrancy is second to none and from the looks of it, it appears to be a normal calfskin that has not had it’s color applied. It’s rare to find a burgundy so vivid like that, that is not done by patina and to say the least, I am quite jealous of it! One could not expect anything less though from a bespoke Anthony Delos shoe, could they?! And rumor has it that I he is going to be in London soon unless it has already passed but I am pretty sure that it was in the last week of Feb….might want to to check it out for those interested by calling the Berluti shop on Conduit st.

On another note, I just came back from my factory and while it was a tough trip, it was a good one as well. Dealing with factories is a constant battle and no matter how hard you try, you will never get 100% of anything. But I continue to strive to make my product the absolute best that it can be so that you all get the best bang for your buck. And that means that I do a lot of rejecting of pairs, which then means that my production gets delayed. It’s a constant merry-go-round but I prefer it to sending inadequate product out. So with a week or two now in delay, I am hoping to launch my ecommerce site by mid March at the absolute latest. Do stay tuned as there will be a few new exciting models and colorways.

I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

9 thoughts on “Delos Bespoke”

  1. Hi Justin, I’ve got a slightly weird technical question to ask you about the JM Weston Chasse (Hunt Derby shoe). On the side view of the sole, the meeting between the heel and sole there is a funny perpendicular notch which looks somewhat unsightly .. here is a picture from their website;

    The black shoe pictured has this notch, while the tan brown doesn’t seem to which is odd. Is this notch created as part of the ‘Norwegian Welt’ technique they use for this shoe? Geeky shoe observation but I figured if anyone knew it would be you.
    Cheers, Anand

    1. it would appear that they have since corrected and now I do not see any differences…but if I think about what you are referring to, it is sometimes done as a simple aesthetic to indicate the separation from where heel begins

  2. For the Love of Shoes

    I’m curious, if you are calling this a “normal calfskin” without its color applied, are you saying that the maker of this shoe has an excellent connection with a tannery that has the ability to provide such excellent leather? I’m assuming it is G&G, as the last looks familiar, but it is a beautiful shoe no matter what.

  3. For the Love of Shoes

    My Apologies, you clearly stated this was a product of Delos. The first part of my question still applies however. Is this truly not hand worked? Is that even possible today to get the look without the hand? Especially with small production number?

    1. i can’t say for sure, it could very well be a crust leather with the color applied, but the color looks far too uniform for it to have been applied after the fact….that is why I believe that it was done by the tannery… Stefano Bemer used to have a burgundy that was vivid like that…bespoke makers find small batches of leather from small artisan tannerys/suppliers that have stuff that the major brands dont

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