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Yanko shoes patina
The world of patina is growing day by day and it would not surprise me if it soon becomes as popular as mirror shine shoe polishing (what I mean by that is that people at home will start giving it a try) as curiosity is ever expanding in the world of shoes and people are no longer content with just watching things on the internet. Now they want to try it too!! But until that time comes where normal people have yet to dive into patina like shoe polishing, there remains the various services around the world offering patina on a fantastically artistic level and one of those people is The Shine, out of Poland. While I mainly see Yanko shoes on their site/IG page, I do believe that they offer a patina service for non-Yanko shoes as well. So it provides you with just another option for patina aswhile there are many other great artists out there, patina is all about style and one artists style might be preferred over another.

So, browse their page, drool over the greatness and don’t be afraid to contact them should you have questions, they do speak English!

Oh yea, Happy New Year to all!

screenshot_20161231-123917yanko shoes patinaYanko shoes patina

16 thoughts on “The Shine – Polish Patina Service”

  1. MordechaiJeffersonCarver

    Thank you for the link ! shame that in a typical polish fashion, the website seems to be in polish only.

      1. MordechaiJeffersonCarver

        English is the most widely spoken language in the world,while Polish is not.

        I have no trouble just using google translate, but I believe that the Polish artisans are loosing business.

          1. When English speaking persons will start to be bilingual? From my experience most don’t feel like there is any need for it.

          2. Talk about getting off of subject,,. My question is, does this shine last, does it wash away with a few wears, is there major maintenance?

        1. How I wish those advocating the supremacy of English actually spoke that language correctly.
          There are about half a dozen spelling and punctuation errors in your two short posts.
          Granted, the website is not localised, but the two things that matter to a foreign visitor are the lovely pictures and the artisan’s email address, at the other end of which there is an English-speaking person.

  2. I saw an antiquing article on this site about a year ago, and I’ve since gotten fairly good at it (brown/black only), and I have another pair of shoes on the list for trying a full patina as soon as they’re ready to be stripped and redone.

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