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We are back at it again with our collaboration between Dandy Shoe Care and J.FitzPatrick. After having a successful first go at it on our Tony II model (last year) and seeing lots of interesting patina’s getting created (see below), we thought we would give it another go only this time on a different model. The idea of going with the Tony II the first time around was being able to use a blank canvas (a wholecut, i.e. no seams) to see what could be achieved. Now, I was thinking the opposite. Let’s see how the lines and brogueing can affect the patina process of the Greenwood.


What I like about making a patina on a brogue model is that you often see the brogueing bit get darkened which for me adds a lot of character to the shoe. Also having 3 pieces of leather to make the upper, one in theory could have a lot more options for making strong contrast two toned shoes (or even three if they are really bold!). I am actually abit more excited to see what you all come up with this time, as I think that the Greenwood model will really suit the idea of being patina’d.

Alexander Nurulaeff for Mr.Eddi LamAlexander Nurulaeff for Mr.Jeffrey HorvathAlexander Nurulaeff for Mr.Revan

As last time, the shoes will cost 430 (ex VAT 358.33). This includes the cost of the shoe + Alexander’s patina. What is complimentary are 2 sets of laces (one black and one brown) and a travel shoe tree. The side of the soles/heels will come naturally in dark brown so if you want it dyed black, you need to specifically request it. The patina will take 2-3 months to complete. We hope to aim quicker but as Alexander is an extremely busy guy and an artist, it is not good to rush his work.

Patina _ Ambre Crepusculaire_ copiaPatina _Bespoke Blue_ copiaPatina _Man in_ copia

When one makes a purchase, I will follow up with an email and formally connect the client to Alexander so that the customer can explain directly to Alexander what he would like to have. Like last time, not all patina’s are covered under the upcharge. Those would include camouflage, extra drawing, really complicated patinas etc. But when speaking with Alexander, he will tell you if it does not fall under the arrangement and needs a further upcharge (which you would deal directly with him if wanting to go forward with something more complicated). But as you can see, most patinas fall under the arrangement as I worked with Alexander to make sure of that.

I don’t mean to pressure you but the sizes go quick so if you are interested in this model, best to get it quickly before it goes. (and they will not be reordered until next year)

Dandy Shoe Care x J.FitzPatrick Exclusive Collaboration

A great weekend to all!

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”


Patina_ Terra Promessa 2_ copia

Carmina shoes collab with DSC for Skoaktiebolaget
Carmina shoes collab with DSC for Skoaktiebolaget

tumblr_nmsr7jEoTI1r6l76so1_1280 tumblr_nnazvpAsEC1r6l76so1_1280


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    1. sorry I don’t follow “instruct the patina”? One can choose whatever they would like, these are simply examples of what has been done before.

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