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David Balzaic
I first wrote about Mr. Balazaic 6 months ago as he had popped up on my radar and found something intriguing in his shoes. So I have had this email for ever longer than that, and just now remembered to show you all this very flamboyant yet super cool monkstrap. I don’t think however that the angle of the main photo is very flattering to the actual last shape of the shoe but knowing that Mr. Balzaic doesn’t make unflattering lasts, one comes to accept that it is simple trickery of the eye and camera. Nonetheless, David’s shoes are interesting nonetheless as there is something about them that differentiates them from the rest and it is hard to describe. But I think that it is the blending of his French origin with his Hungarian physical presence (and thus cultural influence). But then again that could just be speculation? Either way, I like what I see and hope to see more!

David Balzaic David Balzaic David Balzaic David Balzaic

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